Sunday, February 01, 2009

Inauguration goodness, MILK goodness, and Superbowl fashion?

So it's been over a week (or two?) since I've blogged, but I never promised this would be a regular blog (at least, I don't think I made any promises).

Obama was inaugurated; it was awesome (except for Rick Warren).

(Picture done by Maira Kalman for And the Pursuit of Happiness, courtesy of The New York Times.)

Aretha Franklin sang at the inauguration; she was awesome. Also awesome was her hat, which she purchased from Mr. Song Millinery in Detroit, Michigan.

Another highlight recently in the life and times of me was seeing the movie MILK. It was absolutely amazing and had better win Best Picture of the Year. It had also better win some other Oscars (although I don't want it to win Best Supporting Actor because I want Heath Ledger to get that for his portrayal of the Joker for The Dark Knight). Anyway, I encourage everyone to see it at least once.

So right now, I'm watching the Super Bowl even though I honestly don't really care much about it. It's Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals. So far, nothing about it has been that interesting to me, and the ads haven't been that good this year. But the worst part will probably be the halftime show since I don't like Bruce Springsteen (the only way it could get worse probably is if they had the Dave Matthews Band do the half-time show; I guess I'm not really the typical college student). Yet the TV is still on (and not muted), not really sure why, probably related to the fact that I haven't been able to find the remote control for this TV at all this year.

Ugh, make it stop.

STFU, Bruce. No, seriously, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

To distract and hopefully amuse myself (and hopefully amuse some of you), I will look through some of the "haute couture" (a.k.a. always ridiculously expensive and usually ridiculous looking) fashions on the New York Times' site, and see which ones are rooting more for the Steelers and which ones are rooting more for the Cardinals (and if any seem to be rooting for both) by looking at the colors used in the fashions. The Steelers' colors are yellow and black and the Cardinals' colors are red and white.

Images are from the article "In Paris, a Nod to Old Masters" and the slideshow "The Land of Imagination" (unless otherwise stated).

By Chanel,
found at "In Paris, a Nod to Old Masters."
All white. Cardinals.

By Christian LaCroix,
found at "In Paris, a Nod to Old Masters."
A lot of black, but also some red. Rooting for both?

By Christian Dior,
found at "In Paris, a Nod to Old Masters."
Beautiful red. Cardinals fo sho.
(Not to mention, there's a white dress in the background. Still only counts as one picture, though.)

By Christian Dior (again),
found at "The Land of Imagination," first slide.
Red (again, but this time not beautiful). Cardinals.

By Dior again,
found at "The Land of Imagination," third slide.
Red, but also some black (and perhaps some yellow roses?). Both.

Chanel again,
found at "The Land of Imagination," fourth slide.
White. Cardinals.

Chanel again,
found at "The Land of Imagination," fifth slide.
Classic white and black. Both Steelers and Cardinals.

Chanel "",
found at "The Land of Imagination," sixth slide.
The background may be white, but it's the clothes that make the [WO]man. So black clothes = Steelers.

By Christian Lacroix,
found at "The Land of Imagination," ninth slide.
Pretty in red and white = the perfect Cardinals fashion.

By Givenchy,
found at "The Land of Imagination," twelfth slide.
A lot of white = Cardinals.

By Givenchy (again),
found at "The Land of Imagination," thirteenth slide.
Black = Steelers (why isn't there more fashion with yellow in it? where is all the ridiculous fashion that I am used to? I should've found some Viktor and Rolf or whatever their name is because they're always whack.)

That's it for now (for the New York Times' fashion, anyway; you guys aren't showing enough of the hilariously crazy fashion. Boo).

Oh, wait, I found a few more slideshows for fashion on the NY Times site. I'm too lazy to post too many more pictures at the moment, but I'll post a few more.

By Dior,
found at the New York Times' slideshow of Couture Collections in Paris, eighth slide. Finally, some yellow fashion. Steelers.

By Christian Lacroix,
found at the New York Times' slideshow of Making a Scene: The Couture Shows in Paris, fifth slide.
Yellow and black together. Definitely as Steelers as it gets.

In the New York Times' fashion round, Cardinals won with 6 and Steelers had 4. The "both" category had 3. So while it looks like the Cardinals will lose the Superbowl, they seem to be winning in the fashion world so far.
Two minutes and thirty-some seconds left, and Cardinals just got in the lead, so it's 23 for Cardinals and 20 for Steelers.
It looks like Cardinals might win the game after all (unless something else happens in the last forty or so seconds), so I guess they win both in the game and in fashion?
Holy crap, Steelers seems to have gotten a touchdown.
26 Steelers, 23 Cardinals, with :35 left. Daaaaaamn.
And a field goal, so 27 Steelers. Sheesh. The game finally got interesting in the last quarter, go figure.
Yeeah, :05 seconds, but they're going to run the clock down from there, so it looks like Steelers win.
If it's any consolation for you, Cardinals, you won in the NY Times' fashion? *shrugs*
I admit, I am kinda sad the Cardinals lost because they were the underdogs, and I tend to root for the underdogs a lot. But there is always next year.

I'll leave you with one last picture from the New York Times' fashion which amuses me (it's from this blog entry "Old Sports"):

From left to right (fashion labels): Louis Vuitton, Junya Watanabe, and Yohji Yamamoto

HOMELESS FASHION: You can look like a homeless person, too ONLY FOR $10,000 (or however much it costs).
Hey, Louis, Junya, and Yohji, Zoolander's Mugatu called; he wants his Derelicte fashion back.

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